We provide audio visual technical consultancy for your event


The wide experience of our multifunctional team in the fields of engineering, architecture, electronics, and audiovisuals, together with the continuous training of our technicians, allows us to offer an exclusive service of monitoring and execution both nationally and internationally. OnOff team plans and executes audiovisual projects and supervises international projects executed by our teams or other audiovisual companies.


Each project is carefully examined taking into account all the event factors and needs, tailoring them to the type of space in which it is celebrated. When evaluating your project, we study and identify any issue susceptible of improvement. Besides, we will offer solutions based on specific needs, such as the planning of work organization and production flow in order to optimize time and resources. We guarantee the success of your audio visual project, whatever its dimension is, thanks to our highly qualified professional team.

Audio visual project consultancy

We analyze all the aspects of the audio visual project to measure and detect any areas for improvement.

Audio visual audio architecture

We accomplish an engineering and integration analysis of audiovisual systems for your event set-up.

Technical monitoring

We verify and control the optimal performance of all the audio visual equipment, analogic and digital.

Audio visual technical execution

We supervise the preparation, execution and set-up of any audio visual production, coordinating both human and technological media.