Edge technology in audiovisual equipment rental

OnOff Audiovisual Services

2,000 square meters of installations in Madrid, Barcelona and with a wide and growing stock: screens, sound and video systems, infrastructures, lighting equipment… Cutting edge technology and best brands in the market. Our experience in the field of sound, lighting, and video equipment allows us to provide the materials that best fit your event requirements. We rent sound speakers, sound consoles, microphones, projectors, monitors, LED screens, lighting systems, trusses, risers, and power boxes. Our equipment allows us to create any kind of atmosphere in your event.

Besides our rental service, we offer integrated solutions for set design and construction. We offer a wide geographic coverage of material supply. Our OnOff vision is reflected in everyday inspiration to provide the best service, constantly adapting to market changes, and offering the best bespoke solutions to our clients. If you need more information or you cannot find the product you are looking for, our specialized team will advise you in everything you may need and inform you of all our terms, conditions and fees regarding our audiovisual equipment rental. Our gallery displays our ephemeral architecture and audiovisual equipment.


We provide you with a big selection of event lighting rental to fit any need.


We offer a wide range of speakers, audio processors, microphones, and sound systems.


Our equipment includes projectors, plasma screens, TFT monitors, video control boards…


We rent infrastructure any element needed in your event scenography: platforms, trusses, ladders, ramps…