We provide content design for your event screens

OnOff Audiovisual Services

We are at the leading edge of technologies, new products and software thanks to the ongoing training of our professional designers. We provide bespoke content design for led screens, interactive and touch screens. Our wide experience allows us to optimize the possibilities of these devices and their screen specifications, not just for a perfect visualization, but also to offer effectiveness, showiness, and visual appeal in information content.

Prior to design process, we accomplish a study in depth which allows us to determine the needs of each project and thus, to decide the best form of implementation plus an effective and appealing design. The screen features (dimension, resolution), its location and distance are crucial when designing contents. All these factors are taken into account in content design and guarantee the compliance of the information and transmission goals. We provide you with all the creative minds in our designer team to achieve bespoke screen contents.

Content design for LED screens

Animations, visual effects, and presentations via content remote management.

Content creation for digital signage

Content design for digital signage screens and dynamics for information screens in events and corporate meetings.

Interactive apps for touch screens

We create bespoke interactive applications for information points in events, conventions and conferences.

Visual appeal in screens

Screens are a real visual attraction for attendees in any event or meeting.