We create project planimetries and technical designs

Event production, planimetry

All audiovisual production starts with the elaboration of an outline describing all the mandatory contents and necessary elements in the production of an event. The step outline allows to develop all the audiovisual process in an organized way, following the stipulated time in each step.

Our design department in OnOff create realistic atmospheres through 3D animation technology, optimizing the spatial perception and improving the visual performance of both the stage design and mise-en-scene. Our architects and engineers accomplish all the projects planimetries and technical designs in order to optimize all the resources and create a meticulous planning of the Project built up and execution.

Audiovisual planimetry and renders

We represent the space to improve the visualization of both the stage design and mise-en-scène.

Technical design

We provide technical design to meet the requirements and predefined characteristics of the audiovisual project.

Step outline

It allows us to be in full control of all the elements and participants involved in the audiovisual production.


We always bear in mind all the resources to accomplish ultra-precise plannings of the building up and project execution.