Dynamism and creativity in the design and set of scenographies

OnOff Audiovisual Services

Scenographies embody different spaces into a single concept that represent a corporate event, a product reveal, a live show or any other creative experience. Great scenographies present a thoughtful composition that help to understand the brand or corporate message.

Our stage designs are very dynamic, full of changing elements that appear, disappear and interact with the surrounding architectonics, creating the illusion of new spaces and bringing life and emotions to the projections.

Lighting and sound have special importance in scenography design, as they add all these effects and create different atmospheres. The use of high quality materials guarantee the event success, and our designers and technicians work together to offer the best results.

Specialized professionals

Designers and installation technicians work together in the creation and assembly of amazing scenographies to accomplish successful events.

Latest technology

We use the latest audiovisual technology to achieve impressive results in terms of innovation and efficiency.

Innovation and dynamism

The use of new materials and devices add a dynamic and innovative touch to our creations.


OnOff has been creating scenographies for international events for more than 10 years.